Hi. I'm Amirhossein Andohkosh and I can help you to make your website do what ever you want them to do!

I’m a web developer and i make websites you can learn more about me in About Me page
About Me

Hello, I'm Amirhossein Andohkosh Pretty long name; Yeah I know :D

I Love solving challenging solutions and of course experimenting new stuff. I guess if I say I love Maths as well it won't be surprising :) so being a web developer is kind of my hobby which can be my career path also.

I know what you are thinking, Just another kid who has got a cracked version of dreamweaver some how and he thinks that NOW he can make any website he wants.
Well I guess I should tell you that this website has been made using coda, which is a program that I really love and there is a reason that I said I'm a web developer, I like coding much more than design that's why properly my web UI sucks . But that doesn't mean that I can't design at all, I just wanted my website to be something that I won't be board and very simple and fast to load.

I love other stuff such as My family (family guy:D) , My macbook pro and My product design and engineering classes

There are other things that I also and makes my heart beat faster.

  1. First one always is World Of Warcraft, it also was one of main reasons I decided to learn front-end and back-end development
  2. Second one is successful web typroghphy; recently I have done ome research on web design trends and trying to find out a way to make my web design skills better and luckily for me old design which was just bunch of image creating is not a very trending right now and all is about web typroghphy and coding, which I love
  3. The third one the last one that I want to share with you is when I start a web project and start coding it plus when I finish it off better than what I thought it would be, will really make me proud, happy and smile.

I guess this is inof of introducing my self and I would love to hear from you, or even answer any question that you have